Our goal is to provide superior personal energy products. We are energy aficionados, who live healthy active lifestyles, and who have a passion for personal energy. We wanted to develop the next generation of energy that would act quicker, last longer and most importantly, feel better.
By addressing the consumer's energy needs at the cellular level, we have advanced the product science to focus on health, performance, and convenience. We wanted our energy product to not only keep you awake through an all-night study session, or long car ride, but also give you that "get up and go" type of energy feeling.


The Story

We spent years researching the science, the market and our consumers. We placed a premium on converging the latest technologies in formulation science with a great tasting, fast acting, dissolvable energy mint delivery mechanism. The culmination of our efforts evolved into Peak Energy, a great tasting line of energy products that
brings personal portable energy to a whole new level. We developed this product for you, for us, and for everyone who wants a better alternative to energy shots and drinks. If you share our passion for personal energy, we invite you to try our product. We hope that you will be as pleased as we are with the result.