The best thing about peak energy is the nice 100mg boost you get from a mint. It is not an obnoxious over-the-top energy, like if you just slammed a giant energy drink.  The effect is more gradual, and just perks you up and keeps you there.  Even after popping down 2 mints – the 200mg of caffeine should have made me a little jittery, but all it did was slowly boost my energy levels for around 4-5 hours.

There was no caffeine crash after that either, just a nice increased energy level for a good half workday.   I found myself craving more in the afternoon just to keep that level of energy going for as long as possible.  

Their big differentiator in the market is an ingredient called D-Ribose – which I have only seen a couple times in energy product that aren’t drinks or shots, …It is a bummer too, because Ribose is way cool – it reacts with the caffeine and does some great stuff like increase the caffeine’s effects on your body and improve endurance.


There used to be many mints that were caffeinated, from Hersheys, Wrigleys and other big companies, but unfortunately they have been discontinued or are extremely hard to find. That is good news for the people at Peak Energy, as they have created a strong peppermint mint which is easy to carry around and provides a great boost of energy for every powerfully flavored bite – powered by caffeine and D-Ribose to really increase your metabolism and staying power.  …For the price and the absolute power these little treats provide, there is no questioning their value and energy quotient. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get your afternoon burst on the go, I would look no further.  …I would recommend these in a heartbeat.


Bioenergy is helping Zipp Foods debut what it calls the latest evolution in personal energy for adults: Peak Energy Mints. Formulated around the company’s Bioenergy D-Ribose, Peak Energy Mints provide a new delivery format for a superior energy blend that acts quicker, lasts longer, and helps you stay at your peak throughout the day, the company says. Each Peak Energy Mint contains a unique, synergistic blend of Bioenergy D-Ribose, B vitamins, and 100 mg of caffeine (equivalent to a cup of coffee). The firm says D-Ribose works synergistically with caffeine to extend the product’s energy effects and eliminate any energy crash. D-ribose is also the basic building block of ATP, which fuels cells, providing a unique, “get up and go” sensation on demand, the company says.