The best thing about peak energy is the nice 100mg boost you get from a mint. It is not an obnoxious over-the-top energy, like if you just slammed a giant energy drink.  The effect is more gradual, and just perks you up and keeps you there.  Even after popping down 2 mints – the 200mg of caffeine should have made me a little jittery, but all it did was slowly boost my energy levels for around 4-5 hours.

There was no caffeine crash after that either, just a nice increased energy level for a good half workday.   I found myself craving more in the afternoon just to keep that level of energy going for as long as possible.  

Their big differentiator in the market is an ingredient called D-Ribose – which I have only seen a couple times in energy product that aren’t drinks or shots, …It is a bummer too, because Ribose is way cool – it reacts with the caffeine and does some great stuff like increase the caffeine’s effects on your body and improve endurance.

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