Peak Energy’s revolutionary energy blend combines patented D-Ribose with Caffeine and B vitamins in a great tasting energy mint that delivers a rejuvenating boost of energy that lasts for hours. Reach for the Peak!

Superior Energy

D-Ribose and caffeine work synergistically to replenish energy at the cellular level for a healthy “get up and go” feeling that keeps you at your peak!


When dissolved in the mouth the energy ingredients are absorbed quickly and efficiently directly into the blood stream, avoiding the digestive tract, for immediate energy on demand.

No Crash

D-Ribose preserves the stimulant effects of caffeine while mitigating any crash symptoms

More Portable

A package of Peak Energy mints easily fits into your pocket or purse. That’s portable energy anywhere, anytime.


D-Ribose and caffeine work synergistically to help sustain peak energy far longer than caffeine alone.

Better Value

Costs a fraction of the leading energy shot or drink.

Clinical Studies

The Science

We have incorporated cutting edge science into our innovative and unique energy blend.

When these 2 powerful energy ingredients are combined they work synergistically to accomplish 3 important benefits:

  1. The D-Ribose enhances the stimulant effects of caffeine, so that when used together they are superior at fighting fatigue. (Clinical studies show an increase in endurance of over 50% in energy depleted subjects)
  2. D-Ribose extends the energy curve, so that you maintain your peak energy level for a longer period of time than with just caffeine alone.
  3. D-Ribose flattens the tail end of the energy curve slope.  This mitigates the “negative energy state” (or crash), meaning that it eliminates the conditions associated with caffeine withdrawal such as nervousness and jitters for a smoother feeling of energy .


Clinical studies show that Bioenergy D-Ribose significantly improves endurance during strenuous exercise, shortens recovery time, and reduces fatigue in people suffering from energy depletion.


Caffeine has been clinically proven to ward off drowsiness, decrease fatigue, increase alertness, and improve one’s mood.  Each Peak Energy mint contains 100 mg of caffeine, or about as much as a cup of coffee.

B Vitamins

Your body needs B Vitamins to convert carbohydrates into cellular energy (ATP).  With a healthy dose of the Recommended Daily Allowance of 4 different B vitamins, each Peak Energy mint provides the fuel for efficient energy conversion.


Did you know that D-Ribose is used to treat patients with cardiac problems, including heart failure? Peak Energy is the only energy mint to combine caffeine with heart medicine for the safest, healthiest delivery of energy.

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